Monday, 20 October 2014

Newborn Essentials

Baby Girl has been here three weeks now and I think it is safe to say there are some newborn essentials I could not live without. Now what I consider essential is most likely different to what baby books say but I know I prefer honest opinions from real people so I thought I'd share what has become part of our every day life these first three weeks:

Shnuggle Moses Basket

Shnuggle is a hypoallergenic and silent modern Moses basket. It is big enough that she'll be able to stay in our room as long as medically suggested but not so large that it inhibits our living space. All of the dressings are cotton and machine washable which means it is easy to clean--great especially since she has spit up and leaked out her nappies a few times! 

The shell is fully ventilated and hygienic so we can feel safe putting her to sleep and since it's not wicker like traditional baskets it can be fully wiped down and sterilised. The stand is also a great height for me as it is high enough that I can easily bend over and get her without straining myself and the dog can't jump up and reach her either.

Cosatto Giggle Pixelate Travel System

Since you have to limit the amount of times you go up and down the stairs after a c-section, baby girl has been sleeping in her Cosatto Giggle Pram downstairs. It is a great height for me bending down and the pram base is large enough for her to sleep comfortably. One of the things I love the most is the pattern on the inside of the pram base; Baby Girl has kept herself occupied staring at the colourful patterns on several occasions. It's an extra feature I'd never have thought of but is so clever.

NotBlondeHusband has been raving about the Hold carseat and base as it is so easy to click her in and out. With Blondie Boy we had a carseat we had to strap in with a seatbelt every time we got in and out of the car so this is so a vast improvement! We keep getting tons of compliments on how bright and fun the pattern is too, again another improvement from the bog standard black seat we had 4 1/2 years ago!

Thurpenny Bits Feeding Pillow

When we came home from the hospital I didn't have any sort of feeding pillows or supports and was sort of stacking various wedge pillows together and well it just wasn't working. Thurpenny Bits Feeding pillow has made such a difference to helping me support Baby Girl and taking pressure off my incision when feeding.  The portable pillow was invented by Mum Melissa Hyatt-Fosbury out of necessity for something supportive and stylish. It can be carried like a bag and ties at the back so it won't slip off. The cover is washable and can be re-used as a toddler bag (if you remove the pillow) once your baby is older.

HM Nursing Tanks

If I'm at home I like to be braless but when you are breastfeeding that is just not an option; my best friend mentioned how she slept/lived in nursing tanks so I had NBH take me to HM to grab some and honestly I never want to wear anything else. They are super comfortable and my feeding convenient. They give me the right about of support without being overly restrictive and are much preferable to bras to sleep in.

Tommee Tippee sangenic Nappy Disposal System

The nappy disposal bin offers anti-bacterial protection and odour control in a uniquely coloured tub. All you do is put in the nappy, twist and it is wrapped and sealed killing 99% of germs and sealing in smells. It makes night-time nappy changes super easy and means we don't have to rush to get nappies out to the outdoor bin. It is so simple and effective I'm not sure why we didn't have one with Blondie Boy.

Volvic Touch of Cherry Water

I'm perpetually thirsty (maybe a breastfeeding thing?) and have become obsessed with Volvic Touch of Cherry water. I will drink normal water from the tap but instead of pop or juice I've just really gotten into flavoured water. I couldn't tell you how many liters I've gone through but the stuff is good.

Vitamix Professional Series 750

In general I tend to follow medical advice but I refuse to take iron pills because of their *ahem* unsavoury side effects. So instead of taking the iron pills I was prescribed for blood loss/anemia I've been supplementing my diet with added iron. We've been having lots of red meat, fortified cereals and most of all green smoothies. The Vitamix seriously makes green smoothies the easiest thing ever. I throw in a handful of ice, some berries, a banana, handful of spinach and a splash of almond milk and it does all the work for me. All the spinach is blitzed down and I end up with a thick frozen smoothie like you'd get from a shop. Best of all it even has a self-cleaning setting so I don't have to worry about clean up either!

Tommee Tippee Breast Pads

Not the most glamorous item but wet patches are even less glamorous. NBH brought these home for me from the hospital and when they ran out we grabbed a supermarket own brand to replace them. The supermarket own brand were smaller, not individually packed and I still leaked out. Literally every time I used them I wound up with wet patches, not nice. I've gotten more of the Tommee Tippee pads and am much happier and drier now. I wouldn't think there would be a difference between generic and name brand breast pads but I was definitely proven wrong!

....and most important 

My husband

I honestly don't know what I'd do without him being home these past three weeks. This has been a totally new experience breastfeeding but he's been amazing and getting up to change her in the middle of the night when I get up to feed her. It makes SUCH a huge difference especially since I'm still stiff and sore bending over. I can't drive still post section so he's been on the grocery runs, taking BB to and from school--not to mention just entertaining the boy in general--making dinner, taking Baby Girl off me so I can grab a shower. Honestly he is by far my most important newborn essential but unfortunately for you can't buy him in any store; I'm a lucky lady.

What newborn products could you not live without?

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Transatlantic Blonde was provided the linked items for review but all opinions, on review or non-review items, are our own. I'm too tired post baby to be anything but truthful!

Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Baby Girl

September 26th, 2014 @12:54 pm
7lbs 7oz, 19" via c-section
(more details, photos and general attention whoring to come...)

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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

What I Wore Wednesday: Meet Marshmallows and Margaritas

I'll be having a series of guest posts scheduled over the next few weeks as I'm recovering post c-section and settling into life with our new baby. Please show them some love and be sure to visit their blogs!

Hello! I'm so excited to be writing a guest post for Transatlantic Blonde, all the way from California; I'm Jen from Margaritas and Marshmallows.

I feel kind of weird sharing a post in which I'm wearing Birkenstocks, because, honestly, even though I keep reading that Birks are in style again, I can hardly believe it. I wore these shoes all throughout high school, and even during sorority rush at university -- but only until I realized that everyone else was wearing dressy high-heeled sandals. I don't think I've worn them in more than a decade!

I finally broke them out again recently when we were going out to dinner with some friends. I had already decided to wear this red maxi dress, which I love because it's super comfortable and can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. 

To tone down the "old hippie woman" vibe I was afraid I was projecting with the shoes, I put on some new blingy earrings and red lipstick along with the leopard cross-body purse I've been using constantly. And apparently it worked: My husband and the friends we met for dinner asked why I was so "dressed up." Sigh.

What do you think of the Birkenstock trend? Are you on board? 

Outfit details:

Shoes: Birkenstocks (really, really old, but they're the taupe suede Arizona)

Sunglasses: Kate Spade

Lipstick: Trish McEvoy "Sheer Hollywood" (old)

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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

What I Wore Wednesday: Meet Greater Than Rubies

I'll be having a series of guest posts scheduled over the next few weeks as I'm recovering post c-section and settling into life with our new baby. Please show them some love and be sure to visit their blogs!

Hey y'all! I'm Caitlin, from Greater Than Rubies, and I'm so excited to be joining you on Transatlantic Blonde all the way from Texas today!

One of the things I love most about What I Wore Wednesday is the chance to come up with "new" outfits from my closet. I used to be so overwhelmed with all the style information I saw every day on Pinterest, blogs, and magazines. I was always shopping to try to recreate that exact look I'd seen somewhere or to keep from wearing exactly the same thing twice. I ended up breaking up with shopping for a year to learn how to really mix and match what I had before I bought anything else.

Now, I look for inspiration from all those places that used to trip me up to shop my own closet for similar looks. In honor of What I Wore Wednesday, I'm recreating my own spin on a gorgeous outfit I saw here a few weeks back that paired polka dots with a bright pop of color.

  Greater Than Rubies

This polka dot button up is one of my go-to's, and I wore it this week with simple gold jewelry, skinny jeans, and a pair of bright ballet flats. I'll probably wear a few variations of this look as it cools down, and change out the bright shoes for a cardigan or blazer, bold statement necklace, or maybe a colored belt for a fresh spin on the look.

I'm so looking forward to seeing what you're wearing this week, and hope you'll stop by Greater Than Rubies for some more remixing inspiration! Thanks so much to Melaina for having me!

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Friday, 26 September 2014

Bump Watch 2014: 39 Weeks

Here we are---my very last bump post. It's the night before my c-section so technically I'm 38 weeks, 6 days and 23 hours but I think it's okay we just call it 39 right?  I'm casually munching on a pop tart and drinking a pint of milk before I have to fast from midnight. I've finished packing my hospital bag (literally 10 minutes ago) and we just have a few baby clothes to finish drying and the baby's bag will be done, too. The house is all in order with prams, moses baskets and the like all built up. Laundry done, dishes clean, floors vacuumed--all thanks to NotBlondeHusband and his mother.

I'm more than ready for this pregnancy to be over. It's not a secret that my body pretty much did not like me being pregnant and that I've gotten pretty fed up with how incapacitated I've become because of it. My Mom and her husband both arrived in Glasgow tonight and have gone to Troon with Blondie Boy to stay at my mother-in-law's house while I'm in the hospital.  It means BB gets time with both his grandmas and NBH doesn't have to worry about taking care of him and visiting with me.

I'm slightly anxious about the hospital stay--in UK hospitals husbands are only allowed in 9-9 which is the part I hate the most, followed quickly by the fact you are on a ward with 6 other people separated only by a cloth curtain. I've packed ear-plugs and an eye-mask and am hoping for the best. I'm very grateful for the NHS but I do get jealous of my friends back home with private rooms where their husband can spend the night too.

NBH's Dad is picking us up at 7am to drop us at the hospital and then well I don't really know what will happen. They don't tell you specifically what time your turn is so we could be first or we could be in for a long wait. I've packed magazines and downloaded a lot of intellectually stimulating tv shows  Here Comes Honey Boo Boo to the iPad; hopefully that will keep me distracted from the fasting and the waiting. If I'm honest I'm not sure I'll sleep much tonight so maybe I will nap too.

So when you are reading this maybe I'm sitting waiting in a hospital bed, in a theatre getting prepped for surgery or recovering with our new baby. I'm always surprised that people read the random things I have to say here and I'm really grateful to anyone who's followed along this pregnancy journey. It's been a weird one from going on job interviews in the 2nd trimester to severe SPD but I'm glad y'all were here to share it with me.

*How far along?: 39 weeks
*Total weight gain: 13kg (according to MW 12.5 is average)
*How big is baby?: A watermelon
*Maternity clothes?: No I'm gliding around in a string bikini
*Sleep?: The past two days I've woken up before 5:30am; not cool.
*Best moment this week?: Started maternity leave
*Movement?: Yes, while the bebe has mellowed slightly and isn't quite as violent they are still moving tons.
*Food cravings?: I really want a Barq's Red Creme Soda mostly because no one can source one for me!
*Labor signs?: None; if I didn't have my section booked I think we'd be looking at another 41 weeker.
*Belly button in or out?: Innie.
*What I miss: Same as always--not being sore & being independent.
*What I'm looking forward to: Hmm let me think....maybe having a baby today?
*Milestone: See above--WE ARE HAVING A BABY!

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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

What I Wore Wednesday: Stylish Changing Bags

The words stylish and changing bags (diaper or nappy bags if you prefer) don't always go hand in hand. For those not in the know babies require a lot of crap (and produce a lot of actual crap) so you need a fairly large bag to cope. It's something you will take with you every time you leave the house for the next two years minimum so you really don't want something sub par. I had a great OiOi changing bag my BFF got me but five years later it has seen better days.

This time around we've opted for a bag each--one for NotBlondeHusband and one for me. We have over a foot of height difference between us so there is no dealing with constantly adjusting straps and it means we can each have a bag that is more our own style.

First up NBH's bag: Chester Satchel by JoJo Maman Bébé

Leather Satchel Changing Bag

The Chester Satchel changing bag has been designed to be both stylish and practical. Made from smart hardwearing leather-look material with internal pockets to keep everything you need organised. It also has a large exterior back pocket with magnetic closure that contains a co-ordinating padded changing mat. The shoulder strap is fully adjustable and there are additional buggy clips making it easy to hang on most prams/strollers, too.

The satchel style is a lot like the bag I got NBH years ago from a wee stall in Camden Town that he then took to Uni everyday. A lot of diaper bags can be overly feminine which to be honest look a bit silly on my 6'3" broad shouldered husband so it was great to find a bag that would work for him but also wouldn't look strange if I grabbed it for a day out, too.

That being said y'all know what I'm like and  I needed a glam bag of my own if I was going to be using it daily:  Paris by Béaba

Suede Stylish Changing Bag

The Paris bag's chic style is inspired by the leather trade with all the functions of a changing bag. Large storage space. Faux leather. Supplied with removable changing mat, anti-bacterial soother storage case, pushchair straps, isothermal meal pouch, dirty laundry bag--everything you could need disguised as a handbag.

I love that you wouldn't look at it at first glance and think changing bag. Also it is the perfect size to take my MacBook Air on my commute to work without having to carry around a giant back pack too!

We obviously still have to check them out to see how they work in real life but we are really happy with them thus far and I'm sure they will stand up to the test in practice!

Who's bag do you prefer? If you have kids did you share a bag with your partner or each have your own?


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